About Sally

With over 18 years of teaching experience, Sally has been practicing Pilates for 30 years. She trained with The Pilates Foundation in 2002, which is a highly respected program involving an in-depth two year training. She works using the latest research on Fascia and Biotensegrity, to bring you a highly effective and healthy practice.

Her professional development is ongoing: most recently, series 1&2 with Madaline Black. She also recently joined Ana Barretxeguren's 5month intensive 'Anatomy, Fascia, and Movement' course at Brighton Pilates Studio. Sally runs an independent studio in Hastings where she teaches 1-2-1 and 2-2-1 sessions on Contemporary Pilates Equipment.

Sally's Matwork classes provide a workout, depth of knowledge, personal exploration, and hands on, individual attention delivered with a warm and friendly approach. As well as being a highly experienced Pilates teacher Sally has also been teaching the movement practice Garuda for 9 year

Sally has over 22 years of teaching experience and has been practicing Pilates for 30 years.